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Registration of companies in Latvia. From idea to result

Registration of companies in Latvia. From idea to result

Latvia is a kind of economic bridge between East and West. This country, which is considered the logistics center of the Baltic region, also occupies a leading niche in the IT sector in Eastern Europe. An ideal option not only for transit, but also for business registration - local and international.

By registering a company in Latvia, you can count on the following advantages of your choice:


The possibility of obtaining a residence permit. Having a company in Latvia allows you to count on a residence permit for five years at once - not every European country is ready to offer such conditions. We are pleased with the efficiency: in Latvia, all bureaucratic processes in this area take from two to eight weeks, while in other European countries the process of obtaining a residence permit can take up to six months.


Uniquely high speed of registering a company in Latvia, opening an account. You can register a company in Latvia in a couple of days, especially if you use the support and help of professionals in these matters. For example, contact AllBusiness - it is possible to register a company remotely with our help.


Favorable conditions for non-residents of the country who open a business in Latvia. In transactions for the provision of services or purchase and sale between a Latvian company and a company from another EU country, a 0% VAT rate is applied. Zero VAT also applies to retained earnings, for export and import transactions. For transactions in the territory of Latvia, VAT is 21%. In addition, the payment of dividends in favor of legal entities is not subject to taxes.

Registration of a company in Latvia: what to expect

In recent years, many foreign investors have begun to perceive Latvia as an ideal springboard for entering the European market. And such interest is quite justified: Latvia is a member of the WTO, the European Union, NATO, the country has signed the Schengen agreement. At the same time, Latvia is located on the border of the West and the East, acting as a link in trade between Europe and Russian-speaking countries. Add to this the developed banking sector and the presence of Russian-speaking specialists in the country, and the last doubts will disappear without a trace. As a nice bonus - the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Europe.

Every year more and more non-residents open firms in Latvia - this led to the fact that the government decided to change those points of Latvian legislation that are related to the registration of companies in the country. The requirements have been noticeably simplified, in addition, a holding regime has appeared, the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Latvia for owners of local companies.

Five reasons to contact our company

We offer a wide range of business consulting services, we advise on taxation in Latvia. We will help you open a business, draw up documents, issue permits and licenses, select an accountant, find an office, draw up documents for obtaining a value added tax regime.

Competitive prices. We strive to make cooperation with our company as comfortable and profitable as possible for you, so we keep prices low. Opening an investment company, LLC, Company from 200 euros.

We speak the same language as you. Consultations are carried out taking into account the needs, opportunities, individual desires of the client, with an eye to the current situation. After talking with us, you will know exactly how to achieve your goal.

At your service are highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in law firms in Latvia. We are fluent in the issues of doing business in Latvia and openly share our knowledge and skills with our clients.

We guarantee results. We issue and use only verified information that will allow you to achieve results with 100% probability. There are no risks if you decide to contact our company. Our clients now are large companies in Latvia, Ukraine and other countries.

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  • Business opening in Latvia.
  • Free consultations on starting a business and taxation.
  • Sale of companies with VAT status and without. Promptly and different industries.
  • Opening of IC (IK), LLC (SIA), Society (Biedrība) from.
  • Changes in registration documents.
  • Assistance in filling out documents for opening a bank account in Latvia. Simplify the steps to open a bank account in Latvia for residents and non-residents. Documents, accompaniment.
  • Legal addresses in Riga for companies.Timely delivery of letters, confirmation of the address upon request.

Benefits of a Residence Permit in Latvia.

  • resident status of a European country with basic social benefits,
  • free travel in the Schengen countries,
  • possibility of opening accounts for individuals in Latvian banks, simplification of other procedures in state structures.

Residence permit for business.

When you register a company, you have the option to make a residence permit in Latvia, which gives you resident status of a European country and basic social benefits, as well as free travel in the Schengen countries, the possibility of opening accounts for an individual in Latvian banks with minimal costs (for without a residence permit, opening an account for an individual costs more than 300 euros) etc.

Options after registering a company appear as follows:

  • 1. As a member of the company's board (provided that the company exists for a year and paid taxes of at least 21,350 euros, capital of at least 2,800 euros, and the salary should be a board member of 2 286 euros per month).
  • 2. 50,000 euros were contributed to the share capital of the Capital Company (the company is obliged to pay at least 40,000 euros as taxes during the year, you must also pay a one-time fee of 10,000 euros).
  • 3. The most popular option: Residence permit for employment with a salary of at least 1143 euros (we help with the process). Also relevant for owners of a new business.

Also with a specific request are possible:

  • 1.Residence permit based on the purchase of real estate in Latvia in the amount of at least 250,000 euros and the cadastral value of at least 80,000 euros.
  • 2.Residence permit on the basis of a deposit in the Bank of Latvia for at least 280,00 euros for a period of not less than 5 years (you must also pay a one-time fee of 25,000 euros).
  • 3. Residence permit based on higher education.
  • 4. Residence permit based on family reunification.

The price for the preparation of documents for the Latvian residence permit on the basis of employment with a declaration.

The price for the preparation of documents for the Latvian residence permit on the basis of family reunification.

Remaining cases are calculated individually. Free consultations.

*The process of obtaining a residence permit lasts from 1 month to 3-ex.

Visas to Latvia (Schengen) - cheap, fast, high quality.

We also draw up and help arrange tourist and business invitations with the support of Latvian companies. We are partners of the insurance company.

We organize a seminar, conference, business trip according to your request.

Translations with notarization of all documents. All languages. Quickly and efficiently.

  • Seal for a company with a design.
  • Accounting services.
  • Virtual secretary.
  • License Acquisition Assistance
  • Assistance in creating an electronic signature.
  • Legalization of documents in Latvia
  • Help with tax returns and other issues.

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