Spain Nomad visas

For our clients who wanted to go to Latvia, but their souls is drawn to Spain - there is an opportunity to get a digital nomad visa in Spain!

This visa is available for both Latvia and many countries in Europe, but Spain is gaining popularity faster than others.

The reason for this is that there are fewer restrictions on issues of nationality and citizenship.

With the help of our legal partners in Spain, we can help you obtain a nomad visa in the territory of Spain (issued for a 3-year residence permit), as well as at the consulate of Spain your country (first you receive a visa for a year, then upon arrival in Spain You can request a residence permit for 2 years).

What requirements does Spain impose on applicants for such a visa?

You need:

  • work for yourself or a company (one or more) that is located outside Spain in a position that allows you to work remotely, with at least 3 months of experience in this company;
  • if you work for a company located in Spain, then the income from this activity should not exceed 20% of your total earnings,
  • confirm income of more than 2650 euros for the main applicant (if you are applying only for yourself);
  • confirm the level of qualifications and professional experience (at least 3 years) or higher education;
  • have no criminal record for the last 5 years and confirm this with a certificate;
  • obtain medical insurance that is valid in Spain (we will help);
  • If you are applying for a spouse and children visa, you will need to prove the income needed to support them to live in the country.

! All documents issued outside of Europe must have apostilles.

What are the benefits of a digital nomad visa?

You can:

  1. live in Spain for up to 5 years.
  2. receive tax privileges,
  3. obtain visas for family members as well.


filing at the consulate 2100 euros, filing in Spain 1200 euros, fees and transfers are not included.

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Benefits of a Residence Permit in Latvia.

  • resident status of a European country with basic social benefits,
  • free travel in the Schengen countries,
  • possibility of opening accounts for individuals in Latvian banks, simplification of other procedures in state structures.

Residence permit for business.

When you register a company, you have the option to make a residence permit in Latvia, which gives you resident status of a European country and basic social benefits, as well as free travel in the Schengen countries, the possibility of opening accounts for an individual in Latvian banks with minimal costs (for without a residence permit, opening an account for an individual costs more than 300 euros) etc.

Options after registering a company appear as follows:

  • 1. As a member of the company's board (provided that the company exists for a year and paid taxes of at least 21,350 euros, capital of at least 2,800 euros, and the salary should be a board member of 2,746 euros per month).
  • 2. 50,000 euros were contributed to the share capital of the Capital Company (the company is obliged to pay at least 40,000 euros as taxes during the year, you must also pay a one-time fee of 10,000 euros).
  • 3. The most popular option: Residence permit for employment with a salary of at least 1,373 euros (we help with the process). Also relevant for owners of a new business.

Also with a specific request are possible:

  • Residence permit based on the purchase of real estate in Latvia in the amount of at least 250,000 euros and the cadastral value of at least 80,000 euros.
  • Residence permit on the basis of a deposit in the Bank of Latvia for at least 280,00 euros for a period of not less than 5 years (you must also pay a one-time fee of 25,000 euros).
  • Residence permit based on family reunification.

The price for the preparation of documents for the Latvian residence permit on the basis of employment with a declaration.

The price for the preparation of documents for the Latvian residence permit on the basis of family reunification.

Remaining cases are calculated individually. Free consultations.

*The process of obtaining a residence permit lasts from 1 month to 3-ex.

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